Real Estate


We handle all aspects of the purchase, sale, and leasing of commercial and ranch properties and the formation and governance of entities used to hold title to or operate real estate.


Landowners and purchasers often find themselves challenged by title defects impacting the marketability of their properties and historical land uses which conflict with planned changes.  Fence locations, old roads, abandoned easements, fraudulent liens, missing, deceased, or uncooperative co-owners, and new neighbors often exemplify these challenges.  We have developed a local reputation as the “go-to” lawyers for such problems.  The current market presents opportunities to find creative solutions to many land-related issues before resorting to litigation and, in either event, for us to share risks with our clients where that works to their advantage.


For over 20 years, from the early beginnings of the Barnett Shale through the current westward expansion of the Metroplex, we have exclusively represented landowners threatened with the condemnation of their properties for utility and road easements. While some negotiations regarding routes is possible, there is often little that can be done to stop the easement.  Further, in such proceedings, everyone pays their own attorneys’ fees. Our focus it to help clients maximize their net recovery from this process and, where possible, obtain non-monetary concessions from the condemnor that will benefit the property in the future.


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