About Us

Over Thirty Years
of Practice and Efficient Representation


We offer over three decades of national litigation experience customized to reflect the practical small-town values of the communities we serve. Our clients include international manufacturers, oilfield service and construction companies, non-profit organizations, real estate investors, business owners, commercial contractors, small businesses, family-owned ranches, executives, and individuals.

We are a boutique-style commercial litigation and transactional law firm that primarily focuses on business, real estate, and labor and employment law. Unlike general practice firms, we stick to what we know and help clients locate other qualified counsel in matters outside our chosen areas of practice. We leverage technology to offer our clients big-firm experience and a cost-effective approach, without the overhead associated with expensive downtown offices.


With few exceptions, the amount of legal fees and related expenses that will be expended in a particular matter are largely unpredictable. Factors such as the positions taken by opposing parties, developments in the law, the need for expert witnesses, and the particular forum in which a dispute will be resolved all impact the amount of time spent on a matter and its overall cost. However, with decades of data and experience in a broad range of cases and transactions, we can help clients plan a budget for a matter, keep them up-to-date on developments, and adjust for changes in anticipated outcomes and costs along the way. We accept all major credit cards are also able to share risks with a client or work on an alternative fee basis in matters that lend themselves to such arrangements.