Non-Compete and Trade Secrets

Relationships and know-how are often among the most valuable assets of an enterprise. We help clients protect their hard-earned competitive advantages throughout employment, transactional, and other relationships where trade secrets and other proprietary information may be at risk.

On the front-end of those relationships, we assist clients in crafting customized non-compete, non-disclosure, trade-secret, and assignment of intellectual property agreements designed to protect business know-how. We also counsel employers, contractors, and acquiring and selling companies about their rights and obligations under such agreements and the protections and restrictions provided by state and federal laws, such as the Uniform Trade Secrets Act and the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act, which prohibit the misappropriation of trade secrets and provide enforcement mechanisms, even in the absence of a written agreement.

When unfair competition, theft, or other misuse of confidential information occurs or is imminent, particularly in the case of a departing employee, we quickly assist our clients in preserving relevant evidence and in obtaining or defending against restraining orders and injunctions related to such information. In our experience, such early and focused efforts often lead to prompt resolutions.


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